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WiFi password on receipt

# Easy way to provide WiFi only for your customers

Never it was easier to give WiFi access only for your customers. Each receipt from your current cash register system (POS) will have an unique WiFi access code (voucher). Your customers can use your WiFi service with one, or more devices and for a certain period of time.

The WiFi voucher functionality is integrated in your cash register system (POS) and will work with most WiFi access points.

Kassabon met WiFi access code
WiFiNext - POS kassasystem en wifi hotspot integratie

WiFiNext - POS

# Innovation by integration

WiFiNext - Pos gives your location an easy and professional WiFi service. Each customer gets an unique WiFi access code on his receipt. The moment the customer connects to your WiFi, the customer is asked for this password. After entering the password, the customer can use your WiFi service.

With the WiFiNext - Pos solution you can easily set the duration your customers can use your free WiFi service. After each paid consumption the customer receives a new WiFi password for an extra period of time internet access.

Cloud based WiFi access points die WiFi wachtwoord via kassabon ondersteunen

WiFi integration

# Integrate with your existing WiFi access points

Cloud managed WiFi access points can easily configured to use the WiFiNext - Pos functionality. There is no need to buy different access points. Also access points with MikroTik, OpenWrt or DD-Wrt operating system can be easily connected.

The moment your access point is not in this list, you can easily use a WiFiNext managed router. This router has the intelligence to manage your existing access points.

  • Cisco Meraki
  • MikroTik
  • OpenMesh
  • OpenWrt
  • Purple WiFi
  • Ruckus
  • Tanaza
  • Ubiquiti
  • Zyxel

3 steps to integrate your POS and WiFi

# How it works

After registration of a free trial, you get access to the WiFiNext - Pos setup page. Here you can add your location. To connect your cash registration system to this location is different for each POS brand. After connecting the POS to WiFiNext, the next step is to connect the access points to WiFiNext. For most cloud based WiFi access points, this are two settings. All well documented in our documentation section. Your location is now ready to give every customer an unique WiFi password printed on their receipt.

Add location

In the WiFiNext - Pos setup page you can registar your locations. For each location you can set the location details, duration of the WiFi sessions and upload your WiFi splash page image. After registration you location you find here the unique location id to integrate your POS and WiFi.


Each cash registration brand has his own configuration method. You can find the installation steps in our documentation section. In this section you also can find the configuration steps of your WiFi access points. For non manageble WiFi access points we have our WiFiNext managed solution.

Integrated POS and WiFi

Your system is now ready for use. Each customer can login with his unique WiFi password. Your WiFi has now your own branded, professional start page. Customers can fill in their unique WiFi password. Their session stops automatically when they reach their maximum session time.

Key Features

# Flexibility is the key

With one shared WiFi password for all your customers, there is a change you offer free WiFi for the neighbourhood. With our WiFiNext - Pos solution, each customer receives an unique WiFi password. For each location it is easy to manage the WiFi session time and maximum number of devices.

Because the WiFi password is temporarily valid, there will be no free WiFi for your neighbours anymore. With the WiFi timelimit in WiFiNext - POS, customers who consume just one consumption and stay for hours at your location, can be encouraged to spend more. The optional WiFi device limit gives for your real customers the possibility to use more than one device, it discouraged a group to share the WiFi access code.

  • WiFi access time control
  • Easy control of your locations
  • Integration with your POS
  • Unlimited or limited devices
  • Internet speed configuration
  • Free WiFi for your customers
  • Secure WiFi for your customers
Belangrijkste functies van WiFi en kassasysteem integratie met WiFI wachtwoord in kassabon

Pricing plans

# From free till unlimited

WiFINext POS makes it possible to print on every receipt an unique WiFi access code. In most cases there is no need to buy a new cash registration system nor new access points. In case your current WiFi access points doesn't support our solution, one WiFiNext device can manage all your existing WiFi access points.

Try our free trial now

# Free version


per month per location

WiFiNext POS Free makes it easy to see if your POS can print our WiFi access code and if your current WiFi access points supports our hotspot solution.

  • Unlimited test requests
  • 50 access code requests
  • Cloud service
  • Live WiFi access control

# Basic version

€ 1,95

per month per location

WiFiNext POS Basic is for locations that print not more than 1.500 receipts each month. Each receipt will have an unique WiFi access codes.

  • Unlimited test requests
  • 1.500 access code requests
  • Cloud service
  • Live WiFi access control

# Unlimited version

€ 4,95

per month per location

WiFiNext Unlimited is for large locations. Every month each location has unlimited unique WiFi access codes printed on your receipts.

  • Unlimited test requests
  • Unlimited access code requests
  • Cloud service
  • Live WiFi access control

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